Person-to-person care that points to the author of our story.

Counselors are…



All of our counselors are Christians first and counselors second. That means we are theologically guided in all we do and say. Our goal is to help you understand your story in the light of God’s redemptive story. Read our statement of faith to learn more.


Never have to worry about travel time or walking into a strange office. Counselors are there when you need them with slots available before, during, or after school.


Our counselors are dedicated to treating the whole person using an integrated approach. That includes, where confidentiality allows, working alongside parents, pastors, schools, doctors, and roommates. We believe long-term healing happens in the context of relationships.


Our counselors are professionally or provisionally licensed in your state. Counselors also have expertise in a range of issues — including anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, and more.

Counseling for the whole student.