Feeling more than just a little overwhelmed?



Step 1: Get matched to a counselor

Our counselors are Christians, licensed, and have a variety of specialties to serve your particular needs. We want you to feel comfortable, so there’s no charge to request a new counselor at any time.

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Step 2: Set up an appointment

The first appointment, the intake session, is a conversation with you about your story. We want to understand you and your goals. We can help. Zoom chats make this convenient and confidential.

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Step 3: Get the help and support you need

Online counseling can be as equally effective as in-person treatment. Our counselors help clients feel heard, understood, and cared for.

Counseling that is…


There’s no “one size fits all” approach to counseling. An integrated approach uses different techniques tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

We’re called into relational wholeness. That includes working with parents, pastors, teachers, and doctors as needs arise and as confidentiality allows.

We help our clients understand their stories within the Gospel story. A biblical worldview informs all we do.




Counseling is not…


Legalistic or overly prescriptive:
We rely on grace-based principles and an integrated approach. For example, we don’t assign homework because we find that often leads to feelings of shame.

Based on texting:
While we do provide unlimited messaging, the reason for that is to allow you to process and express your thoughts and feelings in real time. That is valuable but not foundational. Too much can be lost if we rely on messaging alone. We use zoom video sessions for convenience, confidentiality, and greater effectiveness in counseling.

“A quick fix”:
Counseling is a process, and it is beneficial. We can help you. You don’t want to wait for a crisis. For emergencies, see emergency resources.

Counseling for the whole student.