Cultivating a community of counselors

We are building a network of professionals around a shared philosophy of therapy for the sake of students, parents, and each other.

Flexible hours

Online therapy provides the added benefit of being able to formulate a schedule that works for both you and your clients wherever you are – at home, your office, or the beach!

Reliable referrals

We bring clients to you. We handle all the marketing for you so that you don’t have to, and our marketing will be statewide. That is influence beyond your local context and reliable income you can count on.


Counselors are provided with monthly cohorts, supportive mentorship groups based on an integrated approach. Cohort groups focus on theological, ethical, therapeutic, and practical issues that arise in counseling adolescents and parents while also fostering community and encouragement among counselors in the gait network. Mentors are experienced, Bible-believing counselors who have a heart for helping others know how to more effectively counsel adolescents and parents.

Earn CE credits

CE credits can be earned through our conferences, cohorts, and webinars. We host one event per month to help counselors get the credits that they need.

Counseling for the whole student.